Ventilation operation savings with Gas Detection

With the ever-increasing costs of energy and Building Owners seeking to find efficiencies, ventilation has become a key area for energy management. More site owners and facility management companies are looking at the impact of the ventilation power budget and the previous behaviour of constantly running the ventilation package is no longer consistent with today’s economic environment. With human intervention not practical, some form of automatic operation that does not compromise client safety or comfort must be utilised.

International Gas Detectors Ltd offers the TOC-20 Series Gas Detectors which are designed to provide an accurate measurement of CO2, temperature and humidity into a variety of ambient monitoring applications, allowing you to monitor the ventilation rate and assess what rate is required for the given environment. This gives the opportunity to save energy by cutting out any unnecessary ventilation. Using the latest microprocessor technology and software the TOC-20 is a reliable long term monitoring solution which is easily integrated into existing or newly planned control systems. The TOC-20 is supplied pre-calibrated ready to use. 

TOC-20 Series Gas Detectors


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