IGD are pleased to announce the launch of the TOC-625 Micro Gas Detection System.


For small systems up to 8 devices with simple I/O requirements this system is ideal. The TOC-625 Micro Gas Detection System Controller interfaces with existing TOC-30A addressable gas detectors and has auto detect and set up features making deployment fast and easy for installers not used to gas detection systems. When detectors are discovered by the system alarm actions and levels are automatically set as detailed in the product literature. As with all IGD addressable gas detectors, supplied detectors are pre-calibrated and store all their configuration on the detector heads making automatic setup after discovery fast and easy.


625 micro wiring diagram example.png

Watch the product video and follow the link to the product page to learn more.





Ventilation operation savings with Gas Detection

With the ever-increasing costs of energy and Building Owners seeking to find efficiencies, ventilation has become a key area for energy management. More site owners and facility management companies are looking at the impact of the ventilation power budget and the previous behaviour of constantly running the ventilation package is no longer consistent with today’s economic environment. With human intervention not practical, some form of automatic operation that does not compromise client safety or comfort must be utilised.

International Gas Detectors Ltd offers the TOC-20 Series Gas Detectors which are designed to provide an accurate measurement of CO2, temperature and humidity into a variety of ambient monitoring applications, allowing you to monitor the ventilation rate and assess what rate is required for the given environment. This gives the opportunity to save energy by cutting out any unnecessary ventilation. Using the latest microprocessor technology and software the TOC-20 is a reliable long term monitoring solution which is easily integrated into existing or newly planned control systems. The TOC-20 is supplied pre-calibrated ready to use. 

TOC-20 Series Gas Detectors

Flammable Gas Leak Detection

International Gas Detectors introduces the cost effective TOC-12 System Controller and Gas Detector, the very latest in Flammable Gas Leak detection technology


The TOC-12 is designed specifically for installations requiring only one or two flammable gas monitors. Typical applications include Commercial Kitchens, Laboratories, Classrooms and Domestic Installations. The TOC-12 is reliable, simple to install, simple to operate and integrated with an emergency gas alert slam switch.

Standard Specifications:

  • Power – 230V AC 50/60Hz 25W Standard (110V AC Option)
  • Construction – ABS
  • Display – Each channel with LED Indication of Alarm Status (AL1, AL2) Fault and Power Condition
  • Outputs – 2 off SPCO Relays 4A Non-Inductive
  • Other I/O – Sounder 85dB @ 1000mm (Mutable) Link function
  • Inputs – 3 Wire Pellistor Flammable Gas Sensor Channel 1 and 2, Emergency Gas Alert Slam Switch (trips both AL1 and AL2)
  • Temperature – -5 to 55 Deg C
  • Humidity – 0-95% RH Non-Condensing
  • Sealing – IP55
  • Mounting – Wall mounted
  • Weight – 1.2Kg (2 channel version)

Gas Proving and Fan Interlock Systems


Gas Proving and Fan Interlock SystemsThe PGF-10 series of Gas Proving and Interlock systems from Sensors Ltd meet the requirements of clients who require to monitor and control gas supplies to kitchens, laboratories or process areas and establish leak free status before implementing full supply.

There are a range of products available depending on the parameters and the gas supply involved. This device is for mains supply Natural Gas and is configured to monitor Fan Operation, Gas Pressure and Gas Detection. Additional models are available to cover less parameters and/or laboratory (high pressure) gas or LPG systems.

With the PGF-10 from Sensors Ltd you can have a full and integrated safety and control system providing a full automatic safety protection with (after activation) no human intervention required.

By monitoring ventilation fan operation it allows the gas supply to be instigated once verification of operation is confirmed allowing kitchens to be fully compliant to BS 6173 : 2009.

Designed to incorporate the best features of PID Control the PGF-10 requires no complex weep valve or orifice system but utilises the intrinsic gas pressure and decay (through any leak) to prove a system gas tight. This removes the need for extensive calculation for system setup and negates high maintenance costs associated with maintaining orifice & dual (weep) valve systems.

The unit can be further linked to gas detection systems allowing full area status monitoring plus with further inputs for emergency stop switches and fire control systems.


• Types of gases detected: Any flammable gas
• Alarm levels: Determined by detection system
• Power: 110-240VAC 50/60Hz
• Outputs: 24VDC Relay output to Gas Solenoid
• Inputs: Ventilation Input, Pressure Measurement Input, Gas
   Detector Input, Emergency Stop Input
• Display: 4 x 8 Character LCD Display, Fans On LED, Fans Off
   LED, Gas On LED, Gas Off LED, Gas Detected LED
• Protection: IP54
• T90 response time: N/A
• Operating temperature: 0-55 Centigrade
• Operating humidity: 0-95%RH Humidity
• Sensor Warm-up: 1 Minute
• CE declaration: 2004/108/EC, 94/9/EC, EN61000-6-2:2001,
   EN6010-1:2001, IGEM/UP/2 Ed.2 & IGEM/UP/11 Ed.2
• Overall dimensions: 255mm (H) x 180mm (W) x 100mm (D)
• Weight: 4.6Kg

TOC-10 Gas Detector


TOC-10 Gas Detector

The TOC-10 Series of Flammable Gas Detectors from Sensors Ltd are state of the art for gas detection in residential buildings, commercial kitchens, Schools and general building services.

First Diffusion Controlled Pellistor


First Diffusion Controlled Pellistor

In 1980 IGD introduced the first poison resistant pellistor sensor, known as the DCP (diffusion controlled pellistor), it is still one of the most popular catalytic gas sensors in use today.

Sensors Ltd

IGD is very pleased and excited to launch their latest range of Sensors products, particularly focused at the Building Management market.

Not only does Sensors have gas detection products but the range now includes temperature and humidity monitors and will see many exciting new additions in the coming months.

Visit the Sensors website for further information: www.sensors.ltd.uk

Company Origins

International Gas Detectors began their involvement in 1919 as the W.R.Patents company based in Leeds. Under the direction of Mr H.T.Ringrose, the company manufactured an instrument to measure the Carbon Dioxide of flue gases.

In 1930, still under the guidance of Mr Ringrose, the company entered the mining industry with an instrument called the Automatic Firedamp Alarm. In 1939 an Act was passed making the use of firedamp alarms compulsory and the Automatic Firedamp Alarm was supplied to the British mining industry.

When, in the 1960’s, SMRE developed the pellistor catalytic sensor, IGD obtained a manufacturing licence from NRDC and began to manufacture gas detection systems with remote sensors similar to the ones in common usage today.

In 1976, IGD was acquired by Becorit and indirectly became a subsidiary of the Steel Brothers Group. By 1978 all Becorit’s gas detection interests had been transferred to the IGD factory at Wetherby and IGD became an entirely owned subsidiary of the Steel Brothers Group.

By this time, the poisoning limitations of the SMRE pellistor were becoming apparent, particularly in the developing offshore market. Like most gas detection companies at that time, IGD was involved in seeking an alternative sensor for this important developing sector of the market. In 1980 IGD introduced the first poison resistant pellistor sensor and this soon became widely used in the offshore market. This pellistor, known as the DCP (diffusion controlled pellistor), is still one of the most popular catalytic gas sensors in use today.

In 1987 International Gas Detectors was acquired by Huwood Control Systems and transferred to Hucknail, Nottinghamshire.  Huwood Controls were part of the FKI plc group following a takeover by FKI in 1990. Following the FKI sale of Huwood Control Systems in 1990, International Gas Detectors was relocated within the group of FKI Crypton atBridgewater, Somerset.

Since 1919, International Gas Detectors has served the needs of the industry for gas detection equipment and in 1994, were proud to announce the introduction of the Sentinel 16 modular gas detection system which ensured that IGD remained one of the country’s leading gas detection manufacturing companies.

Now in 2012, IGD, formally known as Richard Oliver Ltd and Oliver IGD Ltd have changed its name back to International Gas Detectors to embrace its former divisions and is once again privately owned. IGD’s extensive range of gas safety products and gas monitoring equipment can be found worldwide.